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Friday, September 24, 9999

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Temples News
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temples authorities

Temple Authorities

Temple Authorities are very happy to share information and cooperate with Temples News efforts of raising donations for Temples Development.

genral public

General Public

Temples News online services and donation options made general public to receive services and offer donations to temples across the nation.

vips opinion

VIP's Opinion

Temples News staff regularly interact with temples authorities on various issues so, arranging services and facilities for VIP's is an easy task for them.


What we do

what we do

Services: We enabled general public to receive services like Archana,Vishesha Poojas and Prasadams from temples across the nation.

Latest News: We enabled temples across the nation to publish latest news and important notifications.

Donations: We raise donations for temples across the nation and promote development activities in a very transparent manner.

Help to Society

what we do

Spiritual Awareness: Temples News each and every activity revolves around betterment of society and Temples Development, each and every temple has its unique greatness and history, our motive is to get this information into lime light.

Amenities Development: As per guidelines and requirement of temples authorities, Temples News motivate its corporate partners to donate for all round development activities of temples.


Spiritual Revolution

spiritual revolution - temples news

Present educations system given atmost importance to technical analysis and reasoning, this factor pushed most of our religious scripts into mythology, our motive is to prove spirituality is beyond the levels of science.

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Perform poojas and donate to any temple across the nation just sitting at home at your convenience.


Vedic Education

Development of vedic education schools is very important for welfare of humanity and nation.
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Role of Temples

Temples play a vital role to move general public into spirituality in turn spirituality makes evil free society.

Points of our Focus

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Temples News always strive hard to project quality data and information through all its media channels

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We know temples information more than any one so, we offer exceptional service to all our donors.



Personal data of donors will not be shared other than temple authorities, we give utmost importance to privacy.